Innovative Growth

Since 2000 UniCool have distinguished itself as a value-based organization focused on our customers and their need. Be it design, supply, installation or commissioning our customer oriented approach have paved the way forward for our groups expansion into new segments and markets.

In a world that gets more complicated with every passing day, the group owes its success to its continuous focus on the basics: Offering feature-rich innovative solutions; long term value-based relationships with customers and following this through with dedicated service.

Close cooperation with our clients in the early stages of their design process, enables us to customize solutions to not only meet our clients expectations but exceed those in terms of operational cost. The right design and technology will often provide our clients with considerable savings on operational cost of HVAC systems in the range of 20-30%. Increased investment cost will be repaid in 1-2 years depending on energy savings and less maintenance cost.

UniCool represents a number of market leading HVAC suppliers, and this close co-operation with manufactures ensures the latest technology is available to our clients irrespective of location. Direct sourcing furthermore ensures a competitive pricing for our clients and eliminates middlemen in our procurement process.

The legacy of UniCool is built around customers and their needs.